For use in Excel, copy this table to Excel, column A, then hide columns B and C because they aren't formated correctly.

Then adjust the column widths and make all the row heights about 25.  Next, fill in the numerator and denominator

amounts manually into column D, or get them using the "sumif" function from the trial balance you created in Excel

(by using the Excel trial balance tool instructions for account groupings).  After that, compute the ratios in column E

by using a simple Excel math formula for dividing the numerator amounts by the denominator amounts.



Defensive interval ratio


Cash+marketable securities+accounts receivable

Average monthly expenses


Liquidity Ratio


Cash, Receivables, Inventories, and Marketable Securities

Total Liabilities


Contributions and Grants Ratio


Revenue from Contributions and Grants

Total Revenue


Voluntary Contributions Ratio


Voluntary Contributions

Total Revenue


Grants Ratio



Total Revenue


Future Leaning Ratios:


Liquid Funds Indicator


Net Assets - Restricted Endowment - Fixed Assets - Prepaid Expenses

Average Monthly Expenses


Operating Strength


Expendable Assets

Total Expenses


Net Temporarily Restricted Asset Ratio


Temporarily Restricted Net Assets + Deferred Revenue

Cash + Cash Equivalents


Endowment Ratio



Average Monthly Expenses


Debt Ratio


Average Total Debt

Average Total Assets


Coverage Derivation of Debt Ratio


Revenue - Expenses + Depreciation + Amortization

Annual Principal Payments + Reserve and Sinking Fund Requirements


Accounts Receivable Ratios:


Days Revenue in Net Accounts Receivable


Net accounts receivable

Service revenue/365


Percentage of gross receivables reserved


Allowance for doubtful accounts

Gross accounts receivable


Backward Leaning Ratios:


Accounts Payable Aging Indicator


Accounts Payable

Average Monthly Expenses


Savings Indicator


Revenue - Expenses

Total Expenses


Fundraising, Admin, or Program Ratio:


Program Expense

Total Expense


Admin Expense

Total Expense



Total Expense